Take Our Test

⃤  Is your joint income equal to or greater than $175,000 per year?

⃤  Do you live in a neighborhood considered to be upper-middle-class or above? (By either reputation, perception or Census data.)

⃤  Do you perceive yourself as being upper-middle-class or above?

⃤  Do you or your partner have a minimum of a college degree?

If you answered yes to three or more questions, please continue .


Do you:

⃤  Isolate yourself from others in order to keep how your partner treats you a secret?

⃤  Fear that you will be disbelieved or rejected by others if you reveal what is occurring in your relationship with your partner?

⃤  Find yourself vigilantly trying to predict or anticipate your mate’s moods and behaviors?

⃤  Feel like you are constantly working on trying to please your partner so that he won’t become angry and treat you cruelly?


Does your partner:

⃤  Make impossible demands of you, such as how you should look, behave, how much you should weigh, etc.?

⃤  Humiliate or belittle you in front of others?

⃤  Threaten you verbally, such as ”I will leave you a pauper!” and so on?

⃤  Subject you to verbal rage attacks and constant criticism?


Did you answer yes to fewer than three questions? You could still be in an upscale, abusive situation. Learn more:  Characteristics of Upscale Abused Women.

If you answered yes to three or more of the above questions, be diligent. You may be on the path of an upscale abused spouse. Please continue with these questions:


Escalating Signs:

⃤  Do you have injuries or bruises as a result of your partner’s actions?

⃤  Does your partner bully, frighten you or threaten your well-being, or that of your loved ones, in any way?

⃤  Does your partner exhibit rage or lose his temper?

⃤  Does your partner hit, push, shove, choke, strike you?


If you answered yes to one or more of these questions, you should be concerned about being an abused woman.  It would be wise to seek professional help.