Online Resources

The links below are some sites that contain information from organizations that provide support for victims of domestic violence. These are potential references and resources. The Weitzman Center and Dr. Susan Weitzman make no guarantees as to the sites, their contents or outcomes resulting in visiting these sites.

The Weitzman Center

The Weitzman Center is devoted to increasing awareness about domestic abuse in upscale families and providing education to the professionals who work with these people. Please feel free to download our care kit which you can download at no charge. The Care Kit provides summaries and descriptions of upscale abuse and offers guidelines for finding the right lawyers, doctors, therapists and other professionals best suited for working with you.

Not to People Like Us

This site is an online gathering place for women who are enduring or have survived upscale domestic abuse, for concerned friends and family members and for compassionate professionals. Use this site to learn more about this hidden problem; as a guide to helpful resources, referrals and related sites; and, most importantly, as a safe place from which to seek help and make contact, if necessary.

National Domestic Violence Hotline

Contains information on the services the Hotline provides to battered women, including crisis intervention, information on domestic violence resources and referrals. The site also includes a national domestic violence fact sheet with up-to-date statistics with citations, and a listing of domestic violence online resources. One section of the web site has a relationship quiz, available in both English and Spanish, for visitors to assess whether they may be in an abusive relationship.

National Coalition Against Domestic Violence

Grassroots non-profit organization providing a national network for state coalitions and local programs, national level public policy, technical assistance, community awareness campaigns, general information and referrals, and publications.

American Bar Association Commission on Domestic Violence

Reports on ending domestic violence. They also post information on getting help, facts about domestic violence, events, and commission news.

National Network to End Domestic Violence

This website contains news and information for advocates about domestic violence and the latest advancements in the field from the field.

Family Violence Prevention Fund

Family Violence Prevention Fund addresses the need for information and policy development to respond to domestic violence issues at the workplace.

Books and Articles


This Care Kit offers support, information and referrals to victims of domestic violence in upscale families and provides resources and education for the helping professionals who work with them.


Not to People like Us: Hidden Abuse In Upscale Marriages

How is it possible for a highly educated woman with a career and resources of her own to stay in a marriage with an abusive husband? How can a man be considered a pillar of his community and regularly give his wife a black eye? The very nature of these questions proves how convinced we are that domestic violence is restricted to the lower classes.


Article - The Daily Beast

Domestic Violence Among the Wealthy  Hides Behind ‘Veil of Silence’
Domestic violence has ticked up since September 2008—and not only among the financially strained. Eliza Shapiro reports on the hurdles rich abused women face, from disbelief by peers to ‘legal dream teams.’


Additional Resources

National Resource Center on Domestic Violence: 1-800-537-2238
National Resource Center on Domestic Violence: 1-800-537-2238
Resource Center on Domestic Violence: Child Protection and Custody: 1-800-527-3223