The Unique Character of Upscale Abuse

woman with barbed wire

Domestic violence remains the most common, yet least reported, crime in the U.S.  It is a growing national problem that requires focused assistance from both public and private sectors.

Often, the abuse in middle- and upper-income families is emotional and psychological rather than physical.  These can, in fact, be worse than physical abuse. Upscale individuals and families who are victims of domestic violence often do not have the motivation, encouragement, support, services and other resources available to help them report, deal with, remove themselves from and overcome their abusive situations.

The means and resources these ineffectively served people need to improve their situation are often very individualized and not immediately identifiable to the untrained eye. Because of this, agencies and institutions that typically deal with domestic abuse—as well as victims’ friends, colleagues, acquaintances and extended family members—are not equipped to recognize the problem, let alone provide direct or indirect service.

The result is that these victims remain ineffectively served.