October 23, 2014 Community Presentation “Not to People Like Us”

A Continuing Education Presentation

“Not to People Like Us”

The Crime of Silence That Occurs in Upscale North Shore Communities

Thursday, October 23, 2014 ‚óŹ 7:00 pm

Presented by The Weitzman Center and The Northbrook Domestic Violence Interfaith Ministries

Our Lady of The Brook, 3700 Dundee Road, Northbrook Illinois 60062


Summary: Professionals know that domestic violence has no boundaries, yet little has been done to identify and serve victims in affluent families. Hidden tactics used by some members of this population, and the unique profile of its victims, remain overlooked.

Attendees will learn how this type of abuser uses additional weapons, such as money and/or social status to: hide attempts at emotionally and/or financially destroying a spouse or partner; threaten the children; and (even post-decree) continue to harass an “ex-” for years. Tactics include: relentless bullying, mishandling of medications and extreme use of the legal system. All too frequently such tactics lead to the reality that the abuser’s threat – that “no one will believe you” – proves true.

This presentation will offer attendees tips and skill-building guidance for such cases, as well as present an opportunity to network and to become involved in helping others.

For More Information or If You have Questions please Call: 847-274-5781