Characteristics of Upscale Abused Women

Depression and pain

Do you:

⃤  Feel ashamed and embarrassed because you feel that your partner treats you cruelly?

⃤  Think that abuse such as this “doesn’t happen in your neighborhood, your family, your profession, etc.?”

⃤  Find yourself making excuses for staying in your relationship because you don’t want to lose your privileges,  status, material goods, etc.?

⃤  Try to cover up or make excuses for your partner’s actions against yourself or others?


Does your partner:

⃤  Make you doubt your own abilities and self worth by criticizing you or making demeaning attacks on your femininity, sexuality, appearance, and/or parenting skills?

⃤  Show little remorse, or seek forgiveness, after exhibiting any or all of these behaviors?

⃤  Believe he can “get away with anything” and deserves special treatment, because he is special?

⃤  Use money and power as a leverage or threat?


What it means:

Be aware that any trait from this list can exist in a poor or unrewarding marriage that is not necessarily abusive.

Please remember, if you or your loved ones may be in danger get help or consult a professional ASAP.