If you are in, getting out of, or still in the process or getting over/recovering from an emotionally or physically abusive relationship, our healing retreats can be an opportunity to move beyond the pain and suffering that may still exist for you.

August 25-27, 2017  “Mask and Life Scripts”:  In this intensive weekend, we explore and experience what are the masks we wear in our daily lives and how true are they to the life scripts we want to be living.  Open to all, this workshop offers and intensive opportunity to explore who you really are and how you can more freely express that true self, leading to richer connections and joy.  A wonderful companion workshop to the Life Beyond Abuse series of workshops.

September 15-17, 2017  Part I: “Life Beyond Abuse: The Best is Yet to Be”: The Best is Yet to Be ” is 3 days devoted to moving beyond your current or previous physically and/or emotionally abusive relationship, empowering yourself, soothing your heart, and redefining your path.

October 20-22, 2017  Part II:  “Life Beyond Abuse: Now that I Have Come This Far, Where do I Go from Here?”  This follow up  to the Life Beyond Abuse, Part I picks up frm your initial steps out of abuse, exmining where you are now, current and future options for maximum self survival, and learning to create direction and reinvention of identity.  Getting out is only the beginning as you carve a new life, new direction for your true self.

Interested?  Please contact Dr. Weitzman at DrSusanWeitzman@aol.com for description and registration forms for any of the retreats.

All the healing retreat weekends are the most economic and time intensive way for us to work together, with others who can truly understand what you are or have been experiencing, past participants have described the retreats as “transformational” and “life changing.”

Please Note:   We are pleased and excited to offer our furture retreats in a new location, with private lake, beautiful accomodations, new and larger beds, chef on grounds, walking trails and fire pits.  All this at the prior 2017 fee prices!

The all inclusive fee for the 3-day retreat includes 2 nights of room and all meals, snacks and retreat materials during the 3 days. Note that all rooms are single rooms with no Single Supplement fee. This is the lowest rate the retreat has ever been thanks to a kind (and now an  ongoing endowed) scholarship from a previous participant who wanted to share with others the type of ongoing benefits she had from the retreats she has attended.

Group and individual transportation from local airport are available at reduced rate and we will help coordinate as we get closer to the retreat weekend. Once you have registered, a pre-welcome packet will be sent to you with all details and information.

Please consider whether this retreat can be helpful to you. If finance is an issue, or if you have any further questions, please contact me directly next week at 312-805-2272 weekdays.

Warmest regards,
Dr. Susan Weitzman

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